LEA Spooky Night was GREAAAAAAAT!

IMG_7338 IMG_7343 IMG_7372 This is definitely spooky!!

LEA is an English School in Malaysia where people from different cultures unite as one big family. LEA celebrates different festivals & events from across the globe & tries to make the students feel comfortable & at home. Other objectives for celebrating events are to teach English through interesting activities, increase communication among students & to create friendship. One such event just recently celebrated was the LEA SPOOKY HALLOWEEN.

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The month of October evokes fear, terror, zombies & vampires in our minds as it is the month of Halloween! So how could LEA remain silent and scared on that occasion? Instead, Halloween was right inside LEA! The Zombies, Vampires & Draculas of LEA came all together in their spooky den in LEA to have a fantastic & shivery celebration and compete against each other to win the BEST ZOMBIE AWARD.

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21st October 2014 was the LEA SPOOKY HALLOWEEN event, organised to create a fun & educational environment for the students, and to persuade them, in an entertaining way, to follow instructions. The event was based on a competition, the aim of which was to extract the creativity skills of the students. The whole competition was divided into two parts; the first part was the face painting competition whereas the second part was role play.

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The students came in as pairs and in their zombie costumes, and were provided with different masks, Halloween props & face paints. Each pair was instructed to apply the face paints on their partners, and with the use of the props, to make them look ‘scary’ & ‘fearful’. In the next step of the competition, pairs were given a different situation to act out instantly in front of an audience. The first, second and third winners were chosen on the basis of how well the instructions were followed, team work and the proper utilization of resources. There was also a special winning prize for the best dressed pair. It was interesting to watch the students display their talents and be creative. They painted on each other with different colours and used the props to give each other the looks of Draculas and scary creatures. During role play it was impressive to see how the students instantly created short, hilarious and meaningful dramas, based on the situations each got.

The Halloween event, which ran for about three hours, was not only meant for entertainment or following instructions, rather it enhanced the speaking and listening skills of the students as well. This was done in an entertaining way which encouraged the learners to have a positive outlook on learning English at LEA. It made the students proactive and overcome their shyness to perform and enjoy activities using the English Language. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the evening, which ended with three winners, dinner for everyone and happy zombie faces!

Best Matching Couple <3 Khaled and Aisulu

Best Matching Couple

3rd place ~ Azamat and Esmail

3rd place ~ Azamat and Esmail

2nd place... Yevgeniy and Nursultan

2nd place… Yevgeniy and Nursultan

Winners!!! Ulugbek& Asiri

Winners!!! Ulugbek& Asiri